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Colorado Dreamscapes was built on just that, a dream. In 1999 Josh Abrell, the owner, built a landscape company on blood, sweat and tears; with a sweet baby girl on the way, literally going door to door with a lawn mower and a weed eater in a 1967 pickup truck, gifted to him by someone that believed. He never knew after 17 years he would grow his business into a corporation that would become the staple to truly make his clients’ “Landscape Dreams Come True.”

Whether you are looking for products, simple maintenance, or to see your "Champaign Landscapes" come to life, Dreamscapes creates just exactly what your heart desires.

Josh is a landscape artist with professionalism and believes in producing what is aesthetically pleasing to you. He takes his own personal time to meet with you to make sure your needs are exceeded. You can take a look around our website, get a quote, check out the gallery of their landscape designs and his creative works.

Email us, call or stop in to spring your vision into a reality because at Dreamscapes your aspirations are our greatest value. We truly do want to make your “Landscape dreams come true!”

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